The Quotelia name is simply made up by me in 2018 as I was looking for some nice and unique name which would have an intuitive meaning. This website contains a collection of motivational quotes with images organized by categories.

The most significant part of this web project is its online tool, which helps people to add text to photos online. It has simple and intuitive user interface which allows easily upload and edit photo, add text or other graphic elements and download it without registration for free. front page front page.

It is made in Drupal 8 and it has a lots of custom jQuery code. The final image is being rendered in user's browser and then it can be downloaded by special link from the host server. The download link expires in 10 minites and rendered image gets deleted. All the image quotes that present on the site were made with the help of this service. - online photo editor, add text to photo - simple online photo editor, add text to photo.

Check out the Quotelia's simple add text to photo online editor and see how it works in action.