Online quiz to evaluate Drupal 8 development skills

Online quiz to evaluate Drupal 8 development skills

Are you a Drupal Developer? Check out my new Online test for Drupal Developers page on this site.
This quiz is useful for Drupal devs with preparing for the technical interviews, and in general, it helps to refresh the knowledge in Drupal 8 modules development.
It is free and has no registration required.
Interesting enough?
Try to pass this Drupal exam online and share your results with friends!


Submitted by AaronELBorg on Tue, 03/09/2021 - 22:14

I think you have a typo in one of these questions that makes it pretty confusing...

The question is something along the lines of "what files are required to create a simple page?"

And two of the 3 choices mention the controller being in a directory called "scr" but I think you mean "src".

I'm pretty sure the correct answer also contains the typo making for even more confusion. Thanks!

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